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Cape Town, South Africa
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Hi! I'm an academic and a researcher at the local University of Technology. I love my job which includes lecturing undergrad students.

I've recently been divorced and we are all happy
about it! Ha ha ha!

Basically, I'm an intellectual guy who loves to read and listen to and play jazz music. I'm fairly well organised but I can be reclusive. When I'm faced with problems I tend to withdraw into myself in order to find a way to cope with it through introspection.

If you're with me you will have to learn how to bring me back from that thing. Don't sulk and feel all rejected but come into my space and get me out of there because its a lonely place to be.

I'm a nice person once you get to know me. Cool, calm, thinking, assessing. A faithful person. I don't mess around. I was raised to be a gentleman. That doesn't mean I'm not hot when the lights are out! I told you I'm a researcher and I read a lot! Ha ha!

I love travelling in South Africa. Been to Malaysia, Singapore and Robben Island. Ha ha!

I am father to three boys and a girl. Two of the boys are out of the house and married. The youngest two are still living with me.

We are very musical. My daughter and I play the guitar and my youngest son plays the drums.

I love reading since the age of four, so that's a priority for us in the home. And of course, making music.

I love jazz, especially the guitarists like George Benson, Earl Klugh, Lee Ritenour, Norman Brown, Ronny Jordan, Jonathan Butler, Peter White, Tony Cox, Zachary Breaux and lots more.

Now, my favourite groups are FourPlay, Rippingtons, Incognito, Acoustic Alchemy, Koinonia, Casiopea, etc etc. If you know your jazz then you will know these guys.

What do I like to read? I love science fiction. So many writers. Isaac Asimov, Kurt Vonnegut, Ursula le Guin, Cory Doctorow, Frank Herbert, the list is long, man.

I love God and I love going to church to worship. Surprised? Too bad! But that's me. Its how I was raised and I honour my parents in living by the principles and moral values they instilled in me from a very young age. Its part of who I am. Like it or leave it. No apologies.
Right now I'm reading the Bible every day. I love it. And I've read Purpose Driven Life and also Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren. Where do we go from Here? by Ralph Neighbour, and Natural Church Development by Christian Schwarz. I'm on the senior leadership team and on the church board at my home church so I need to keep up.

I'm also reading Research Methods for the Construction Industry by Fellowes and Liu and Research made Easy by Leedy.

I also love to download e-books for my students and of course I must read them too! I've got hundreds.

I'm learning to cook now so I've downloaded some stuff by Jamie Oliver the Naked Chef! Ha ha ha!

Baked my first loaf of bread recently. Forgot to buy a bread pan. Made a huge hot roll! Had the oven on grill instead of bake and burnt the top to a cinder! If at first you don't get it!

Oh! Almost forgot. I play squash and walk to keep fit and I love to fix things around the house, like electrical appliances, tv's, stoves, the plumbing, and I do the servicing and repairs to my cars.

Well, there's lots more to me.........interested?

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