Hibiscus, 19810517, Nadi, Western, Fiji Islands

Are you comfortable with you?

I guess you truly have to be comfortable with you, Before you can share yourself with someone. Insecurities is often a reflection of unresolved personal issues. I mean, no one is perfect, however,the only way to overcome this is to first put your life right with Christ. 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you " Matthew 6.33 I never did understand this verse when i was younger, I just went ahead pursued my dreams and lust for…

Dominus, 19720310, George, Western Cape, South Africa

The struggle is real

I can I can feel the Times Are shifting and that things are changing I can feel the presence of God more often in my life and it makes me aware of my character defects of which bisexuality is 1 R any other recruiting boys with advice on how to deal with this. , it's not that complicated I know what to do to keep myself a shin but temptation is round the corner and I have failed my wife once or twice but no guarantee that I won't do it again.. all I know is that sometimes my Resistance…

cheng, 19710610, Tagum, Southern Mindanao, Philippines

be sincere !

sometimes we hold the reality of lives and life.someone they cant secre the sincerity of other people/ calm and good ambiance too.hoping the truth of sincere is belong to you/yours ...someday I meet a good person his personality is a sincere to provide the emotional of person /people that you love and respect as you well.many times have unproven what they doing or what they feels as a,hoping the times come should work as a good sincere to the people/person to want .have a wond…

johanna, 19890206, Brooklyn, New York, United States


Do you have a valentine ? What do you wish for a valentine and be honest God can do it for us all . I want a serious relationship for Valentine's !!! Get some fun , rely on each other ,visit my family ,go to church and live a perfect and happier life . I'm praying God gives me my heart desires . Hopefully happiness comes out way this month and wish we stay safe out there . Sending love to y'all .God bless you , God bless your family ,good bless America , Connect with me on faceboo…

Maya05, 19861105, Bulacan, Central Luzon, Philippines

You Can Turn Your Pain Into A Purpose

Sometimes, pain exists to reveal the deepest longing of your heart. You may not understand why you need to feel so broken inside, but behind the wound is a purpose that will lift up yourself and the lives of others, especially those who are going through the same pain that you experienced. Believe it or not, you can turn the pain into a blessing that will give hope to those people who are struggling. So hold on because what you are going through will become a perfect testimony that will bless ot…

Maya05, 19861105, Bulacan, Central Luzon, Philippines

The Perfect Love Of God Will Teach You How To Love Those Who Hurt You The Most

The pain inside may be too deep for you to handle. Maybe you find yourself so helpless because of the wounds in your heart. And what’s left is bitterness and hatred because of the person who destroyed your life. You may not understand what you truly feel right now. But you can get through it. Not because you have enough strength, but simply because God will be your ultimate healer. He will make you whole again. And you may think that it’s impossible, but God will teach you how to bravely love th…

Enny3855, 19990107, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Y'all could ask me who's my favorite Nigerian Artiste and Secular Rappers

A very humble and caring person....if you're honest and you're ready y'all can DM me on WhatsApp +229 61279439...I'm completely honest with my number so if you could go through the stress to chat me dear I swear I'd be completely honest to you about everything and another thing we're all Christians please don't bring fake stuff anywhere near my DMSo the bottom line is that....hit me up and you're honest,beautiful and please I accept all…

light27, Philippines

what i want???

as of now i don't know...but i hope i will find someone i want..i keep on praying for that

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