light27, Philippines

what i want???

as of now i don't know...but i hope i will find someone i want..i keep on praying for that

riza30, San Fernando, Philippines



meekah, Kingston, Jamaica

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How do i delete my account?

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im new to this

Megan, Davao, Philippines

I believe

The pain that i felt keep haunting meIt tortures me till my heart bleedsI tried to smile even when sadness is killing meCoz I Know you never let go of me...In spite of all these things that keep on hurting meEven my life sometimes be overshadowed by the darkness I believe you never left my sideYou are always there to embrace me when fear embodied meHow can I not TRUST YOU?When you are the only true and loving God I knewHow can I not LOVE YOU?When you were always there when I needed YouHow can I…

princessofGod, Quezon, Philippines

out for new mission

i felt every time i join a company i have a mission to fulfill. i'm not sure if i fulfilled the missions with the last companies i joined.but i hope i made a difference somehow.right now i just joined a new company whose advocacy i support. i pray that in my own little way i can contribute to the fulfillment of vision.

jhynne, Manila, Philippines

True love waits.

How can we know that this so-called true love already came in your life? do we have to believed about the slow motion movements that will occur when the right person comes? as A christian youth, we shouldn't believed with this, well there's no harm in believing wit this. But God has his own way of telling us that that is the right person for us. Just be in the presence of God, and He will tell you who is the right one. But of course, we all have to know, that God can do something w e a…

mboyi, Mbarara, Uganda

Word of God.

Jesus Christ was a walking Word. And let us walk in His light. John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Jesus even in the desert he was the walking Word that is why he was able to defeat Satan because Satan tried also to disguise itself but it was defeated. Read Luke 4:1-End. I beseech you brethren to be a walking Word because these days we are in are evil days…. Read Ephesians 5:15. Be aware of the dogs…. Read Philippians 3:2. There someone who…

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I have a social web

Please join me in my dream, to restore lives for Gods kingdom around the world. Become a member of my site at:

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