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Grand Junction, United States
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If you have a sparkling and happy personality, we should be writing to each other, because I'm the same way. If you enjoy lots of vibrant conversation about most every subject, with lots of word games and some silly comparisons and small stores and jokes, then write to me, 'cause I'm the same way. If you enjoy, really ENJOY the out-of-doors, then write to me, because I'm there on that one. If you don't wait for "some other time" to do things, or be happy, or have fulfillment, or learn something new....then write me...because yep...I'm the same way. If you feel like it's important to disagree about the smallest of things....don't write. If you try to always look at the BIG PICTURE OF LIFE, then by all means, do drop me a note. There isn't enough time to waste on the parts of life that don't matter.

Good hunting to you, whether you write or not. I realize that you are a real person with feelings, and I very much hope that you find what and who you need here on this site.


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