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Calgary, Canada
5' 6"
A little gray
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Before you read any further, please understand that I do not respond to people without a pic or profile, since it makes me wonder what you are really trying to hide.Since I have given you pics and detail on myself, I expect the same from you, secondly a pic would be nice, if I had to do a background check.----------------I am a retired 56 year old man that believes in old fashioned morals.
I am a person of many interests, writing, antiques, poetry, financial planning and budgets, traveling when the opportunity arises.
I do not smoke, but will enjoy a glass of wine at Christmas as I am not a drinker.
I am also a Christian, that believes in the Word of God.
I am a recent widower who is now single, but not by choice.
I do not have children since my very early years were spent raising other peoples children
I have a fetish about being clean and responsible both at home and away from home.
I am not a control freak, but do have Morals seldom seen in this day and age.
I do attend church which has become a way of life for me, so if that offends you, I am sorry.
That's me, and that's it in a nutshell
thanks for dropping in (:-))
now it is your turn

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