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I have been divorced for almost 6 years, haven't been seriously looking for another spouse until recently I feel I am ready to have a new relationship & to build a new family with someone who loves Jesus. To minister in some church activities together...
I sing in my church...
I know my destiny is in God's hand, I have prayed, do my best and let God do the rest.
I do not go out much, although I may look and dress like one.. Lol... & since I also feel at my age looking for a spouse is not like a teenager looking just for love, I join the dating site, trying to make sure I meet someone within my criteria.

I have my own small business in fashion industry.
I have 2 beautiful daughters, who spend their weekends with me.
I go to the gym regularly, so my life is only around my boutique, gym and church.
Sometimes I do go out with friends for movies, sing a long family karaoke, lunches and dinners.

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