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I am basically a good, caring, and compassionate person. I'm active and enjoy participating and attending new and exciting events. I am passionate about profession and have the desire to see every part of the world with a partner of the same interest.I love sports (particularly golf and football) and am tolerant of any one person's right to enjoy their own favorite. Being outside, anywhere, at any time, is better than being inside. I am as confortable in formal wear as in jeans and my appearance is important to me.
Compassionate and understanding of my right to remain an individual even while being in a permanent relationship. I do not discuss politics or religion but would like this person to be an excellent communicator.My family is important to me and I would hope she could respect my right to be available for them as I would respect her right to be available to her own. I look for honesty, sincerity and some spontaneity.

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