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im a kind of woman who value word of honor with great outlooks in life with positive attitudes to face the challenges of the day. i believed in marriage, for me marriage is sacred, during that ceremony of our lives, its not all about how beautiful our wedding dress, how expensive our diamond rings, not because of how rich our sponsors most of all not because of how nice and expensive the hotels and restaurants were accomodating during that day. but its all about of how sincere and responsible we are to commit a lifetime promises not just by words, but indeed and of how sincere we are to be with that person for thr rest of our lives. marriage is not an easy thing that people wants to accomplish. it is a risk that people should/must know if she/he is ready and responsible enough to face every challenges of a married life despite of all fears, worries, doubts in each day..... all of that are just part of trials in life to test of how much strong our love for each other and most of all to know of how much strong our faith in god... god wont gave us hardships in life if he knows that we are not strong enough to face and overcome those challenges in life.... god wont leave us an orphan............

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