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I love to laugh. It comes so easily and I am not afraid to take chances, always willing to try something new. I want my best friend, my lover and soul mate. I believe that relationships are a blending of two lives.. and not the consumption of one another.Easy to compromise and not a fighter. Even though the two will not always agree, but just finding that happy medium. I want to be able to meet my one and only on a metaphysical level. When he closes his eyes, he can feel my presence . In his eyes ... he sees my compassion, kindness, wonderment of life, smiles , love of all things, passionate and mostly my precious heart. I will be his reflection. That we both share so naturally.. kindness, funny, friendly, optimistic, spontaneity and let the child within us out to play.

I am a woman who is generally very calm, spirited, passionate and abundantly affectionate... The true romantic! I tremendously value: honesty and sincerity. I want our ideas of the perfect mate mirror each other. I want the One man in my life to know and understand me for who I am, in everything I do. I do not mind the attention. I have earned it. I am respected , you know I have class, I'm intelligent, not arrogant at all.. bases my life on integrity and love. I am a REAL woman! My desire.. is to be happy forever and I believe God can make everything possible if we put our entire Trust in Him.

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